Discover the Wonders of Violet Glass

The golden glowing sun, the bringer of light, warmth and all life on Earth. All the plants, all the animals and of course, all of us. The sun gives life, but also radiates harmful rays that can dry out, damage, degrade and decay.

Violet Glass, the Perfect Filter for Sunlight

There’s only one kind of glass in the world that filters the sun’s rays perfectly. Allowing the beneficial rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out. Ultra violet glass jars protect, prolong and enhance natural products.

Five Types of Glass

To really understand how this “miracle” is possible, let’s look a little deeper into the science. Basically, the sun’s rays include visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared radiation. Clear, amber and green glass allow all the rays through, including the rays that will damage your product. While at the other end of the spectrum, black, or very dark glass, allows none of the rays to pass through, including those that are actually good for your product.


A Natural Barrier

Ultra violet glass also acts as a natural barrier for energy stored within the product itself, keeping it all inside. This prolongs the natural quality of the product. In scientific tests, when compared to other glass, plastic or aluminium packaging, Ultra violet glass has up to four times better storage quality. Four times! And without using preservatives. The longer shelf life and the possibility to reuse and recycle, makes ULTRA glass the sustainable choice.

Test It Yourself

The composition of our glass includes special minerals that naturally boost the nutrients and vitality of your product’s ingredients. In practice, this means that they don’t lose their potency, aromas, colour and texture. Don’t take our word for it, try it with your natural products. We guarantee that you will be very pleasantly amazed.

Biophotons and Biophotonic Glass

You’ve probably never heard of biophotons. They are invisible light particles generated by almost all living cells. Which means that you are in fact absorbing and emitting millions of biophotons at this very moment.

What Are These Biophotons Doing?

That’s an excellent question, one that over 40 scientific groups worldwide are working on. Some of the results so far are possibly ground-breaking. There is growing evidence proving that absorbing biophotons increases vitality, prevents disease and even slows down the ageing process. In other words, the more biophotons you absorb, the better it is for your health and well-being.

Biophotonic Glass

Our biophotonic glass protects the biophotonic activity of natural products. Preventing the loss of biophotons, withholding their natural goodness, and making preservatives unnecessary. This is no small thing, since many products with preservatives have no bioenergetic value whatsoever. And therefore, are of no value to you or your body at all.

A Long Violet Past

The appreciation of the special protective powers of violet glass can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Valuable essences (oils) and natural healing products were kept in violet glass vessels. It’s even reputed that the legendary Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, rubbed aloe vera on her skin every day, kept in violet glass jars.

In Eastern tradition, the colour violet represents the harmony of the universe. The combination of blue and red is Yin and Yang. Yin: the stored energy that preserves matter. Yang: solar energy, that is outgoing and free. Spiritual, scientific or aesthetic, ULTRA violet glass jars and bottles are the perfect choice to store natural products.

Better Packaging for Planet & People

Global population growth, the effects of climate on crops, food safety and security. These are pressing issues for all the peoples of the world. More research is needed to open new horizons in science. This also leads to questions like: how can we obtain better food? How can we better protect it for consumers? Packaging is the key, not only for preservation, but also for the quality of the food and avoidance of waste.

The Proof Is in the Chives

Sensorics' testing is the easiest way to experience the effects of Ultra glass.

As a simple test, we stored chives for three months in three different types of glass, including clear, brown and violet. The chives in the clear and brown glass jars quickly became dry and grey. While the chives stored in the violet glass kept their smell and rich green colour.

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